Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Glass Bead Workshop

"Welcome to my studio and to my series of workshops in intermediate glass beadmaking."

Which is the first line of Jeri Warfhatig's new book entitled, Glass Bead Workshop. I've met Jeri and talked to her a few times at bead shows. She's a friendly supportive colleague and has written a beautiful and informative book on glass beadmaking. Here are a few pictures of the book, Jeri and Jeri's lovely beads.

From the Publisher, Lark Books:

Glass beadmaking has exploded in popularity—and those artists who have successfully mastered the basics want more techniques to enhance their repertoire. Jeri Warhaftig, a respected and experienced teacher, offers intermediates her time-tested, workshop-based approach to expanding their beadmaking skills. In each superbly illustrated and illuminating chapter, she focuses on using current tools, new materials, and innovative methodology to produce a singular bead—with several variations for every one. The possibilities, from sandblasting to metal inclusions, are stupendous: Craft sculptural flower beads; create a lightweight, hollow seashell-shaped bead; and go for the “wow” factor with geode beads that enclose decorative elements within a layer of glass. Helpful tips are sprinkled throughout, and a gallery of additional work will inspire.

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